Red Frog Consulting, Inc. is a Toronto-based operation, and one-man-show, that specializes in the front end.

I have been using HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT for well over a decade, though I am a big believer in modern tech like FLUTTER, NODE, REACTJS, and the modern environs that they demand.

Though many of my projects are solo stints, my communication skills are top notch, and I excel at being part of a team!

To discuss your Front End Needs, shoot me an email at, and I will get back to you within 48 hours.


I have been employed by Fluid Mobility since COVID began, working from home. As such, I have limited time for other work, and even less for my side projects.

My side projects include:

  1. At my current job I was introduced to FLUTTER and started working with it almost daily. I love it, and have made many small mobile apps over the past 2 years.
  2. I have also been writing a ton of content for my vanity site,
  3. I built the simple portfolio site which you are currently viewing, too, of course. Like my vanity site it uses HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and a bunch of APIS (Google analytics, Facebook API, Twitter API, and some social sharing stuff).
  4. Designing a Note taking web app using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, which I am now converting to FLUTTER!
  5. Creating a website for, using modern HTML5, CSS3, and tying it to a Content Management System using PHP and MySQL. Hoping to launch some time in 2022.
  6. Designing a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure mobile game using REACTJS, which I am now converting to FLUTTER!
  7. Tweaking a small, mobile cryptocurrency tracking app using JAVASCRIPT, consuming XML and JSON endpoints. (This is just a personal pet project.)

All of my side projects have demos I can share in person.


Here is a small sample of our work:

Fluid Mobility

At my current job I am a UI Developer. My role consists of building wireframes, and then converting them into HTML/CSS/Javascript and increasingly Flutter/Dart.

Bell Canada

My last full time job, before Covid kicked in, had me doing HTML/CSS daily, and touching almost ever nook and cranny of the Bell Canada website.

Behind the scenes, I used an in-house CMS to facillitate my job, though many changes required hand coding, with a sprinkling of Javascript (which I loved!).

Ask Dr.Ken Adams

Set to launch early in 2022, this highly sophisticated, fully responsive, website is created in the mold of and It is an information resource for people interested in the latest science of diet and health.

Behind the scenes, it is tied to a CMS that allows regular staff to update content, including blogs and videos.

Not Launched Yet

Forest of Fright

Red Frog is entering the mobile gaming market with their first choose your own adventure style game.

Based on "gamebook" designs from the 1980s, and loosely based on "Fighting Fantasy" games, "Forest of Fright" is a turn based text adventure game that lets you decide how the story unfolds.

These "gamebooks" are perfect for mobile devices because they do not require large screens or powerful CPUs, and can be played piecemeal, allowing you to take up where you left off, like reading a book.

Not Launched Yet

Jenny Whiteley

Red Frog has been doing Jenny Whiteley's site for many years.

She wanted a redesign, to make it look more friendly, and to look better on mobile devices.

The site is fully responsive, and looks great on the smallest mobile devices, as well as desktop computers.

National Post

We were contracted for almost 3 years to work on the Video Team, focused -- of course -- on UI.

In between video projects, we played a supporting role in various in house projects using ReactJS, and modern CSS and HTML.


Red Frog was contracted to bring KPMG's website into modern times, using (what was then) cutting edge UI techniques and technologies.

Semantic markup, table free HTML, unobtrusive Javascript replaced older coding patterns that had to work with browsers dating back to IE6.


Red Frog was hired to convert hidef Photoshop mockups, and medium fidelity wireframes into HTML and CSS.

Developed many Jquery widgets.


Red Frog converted Photoshop mockups and medium fidelity wireframes into high quality W3C compliant XHTML/CSS.

Developed Jquery widgets, including the mega dropdown used in the navigation.

Modified many Jquery widgets, especially for slideshows, dialog popups and tabs used at various places on the site.


Red Frog converted Photoshop mockups and medium fidelity wireframes into high quality W3C compliant XHTML/CSS.

Designed various components that consumed XML datafeeds using Jquery Customized Jquery plugins


Red Frog re-Did HTML/CSS to be W3C Compliant.

Created Find Osteopath with PHP/MySQL

Integrated Postal Code Distance search using Google Map API

Added Google Analytics and SEO

Integrated Little Tiny™ Website Manager CMS (a PHP/MySQL Content Management Solution)